Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We have moved!

On Friday December 11, we officially opened our new laboratories and offices in the Robinson Institute at 77 King William Road, North Adelaide.

Many of you will have visited us at the Women's and Children's Hospital in the Samuel Way Building. Well, we have not moved far - the Robinson Institute is directly over King William Road from the WCH - but we have certainly moved up a peg or two in terms of space and design!

Julia Pitcher and Mike Ridding kick off NeuroPAD's opening in style

Instead of one crowded office-come-waiting area, one lab and a dingy assessment room, we now have a big open plan office, 4 smaller private offices, 4 laboratories and a separate Movement and Cognitive assessment room.

There is a spacious and comfortable reception area, a baby feeding and changing room and toilets.

Ashleigh and Martin try out one of the new labs

You will also have noticed a name change. We are now called Neuromotor Plasticity and Development or NeuroPAD for short (and much easier to say on the telephone!).

We hope to see some of you here in 2010!!

The open plan office area